Haunted Trail History

2010 and 2011

These were the only two seasons that Midnight Forest was open to the public.  The 2010 season featured an event for ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) called ACE Scared Stiff.  More information about these seasons of Midnight Forest and before will be posted as they are un-earthed.


There was no 2012 season at Scary Hollows.  The original founders of Midnight Forest had moved out of state and were married so it was decided to take a year off. The trail was decorated and used for the family Halloween gathering and the pre-wedding party, but it was not open to the public this year.   Unfortunately, it was decided during this year that Midnight Forest was not going to return.


2013 was a transition year for the haunted trail.  Since the original Midnight Forest was no more, it was decided to re-ignite the trail as Scary Hollows.  Many of the same props remain and are still used today.  A new entrance was constructed for the trail.  The Pyramid received new siding and some of the headstones in the cemetery were revamped with the same siding to better withstand the elements.  The trail was extended in back along with the addition of The Pumpkin King and his minions.  The corn maze was moved to the big field and expanded.

We also had a float in the Cambridge City Canal Days Parade this year.  This was the first year that any of the versions of the trail was involved in Canal Days.  The decision was made to continue this into the future.  

Unfortunately, the Sunset Hay Ride did not return this year.  It was asked about by many people and the decision was made for it to return for the 2014 season even before the 2013 season ended.

The parking lot and Hallowshop was moved closer to the entrance to the trail in order to accommodate the missing hay ride.  This idea did not work out as intended and was scrapped at the end of the season.


Back by popular demand, the Scary Hollows Hay Ride makes it's triumphant return.  This season the hay ride is the entrance to the trail and is used to shuttle our customers from the Hallowshop and parking lot to the entrance of the trail.  The Village of Ikkityflak made it's debut as a nuclear waste area complete with a sign, Ghost Town, and some giant spiders and ants.  The Pyramid got a new floor complete with fog.  The former rubber band maze was converted to the new noodle maze.  New fencing was added to the cemetery this year and many new props were constructed for various areas.  

The Canal Days float returned this year and we had a booth during Canal Days as well.  


We made a lot of improvements to the trail. It's a little longer, and we added some new scenes to the trail, including one that really makes you decide what to do. We will be expanding on this in the 2016 season, and hope you come to join us!


Some new friends showed up this year, with their tents and cages ready to welcome new patrons. Just beyond that curtain, you'll find everything you've been looking for, or it'll come looking for you. Best not rattle the bars too much, you never know what lays dormant in the shadows...


Shhh... do you hear that? They're waking up... VERY SOON.